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May 2, Next Steps

Yesterday, May 1, was my first day without having to be at home, my quarantine began March 7. I stayed home, the limited movement allowed I have replaced with the new order and wait for delivery, life at a distance.

I had already found a way to resume my brain injury work, I joined NASHIA, the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators so I would have a connection to all the states and people who serve in this arena and are survivors of brain trauma, or PTSD. The law I took to Washington, is now introduced on the national level, my words are now for all the country, all the survivors.

I said yes to being on a new board, pleased to continue working on state and federal brain trauma relationships, especially, because that’s how I got this law to Washington, by reading and speaking as my path unwound, one step at a time.

I have a plastic bag of business cards to respond to, people who heard me speak and introduced themselves on March 4. There is still work to do, still brain trauma to learn about and people to reach out to. Despite Covid-19, life is still happening, and even though I’m doing it from home, I need to keep this work going. I will say I have lots to learn about Zoom. But we’re here, and I’m increasing my work again, from a distance of safety and wellness, but putting it out there again.

Yesterday, May 1, I was on a business call to Wales and found out that my colleague’s son is a brain trauma survivor whose vision has been compromised by that. I know two people well who had similar symptom from their own experience. All three brain injuries came from concussion. I’ll now be looking to them to see what they can tell me about their own recoveries, and then see if we can find a resource for him to use in the UK.

Then I explained brain trauma funding in Texas.

There is always more to do, not stopping is the answer. To more than one thing.

Stay well, comment here, or email me at We’re continuing on.

March 7, Home

March 7, Home

I flew home on March 5, my part of the Congressional Briefing complete, my purse full of cards from attendees at the reception that completed the Brain Injury Day on the Hill. I landed at 10:30 and went home, ready for spring and many things I had waiting for the return from this trip, the completion of this effort.

On March 7, 36 hours at home, I rose, made coffee and turned on the morning news. The topic was that there were identified cases of Covid-19 in Washington, DC. Where I had been with many people. I listened to the rules, immediately self-quarantined, and settled in, confused, unprepared, listening to the briefings which were of concern but not at a major level.

My self-quarantine ended two weeks later. I had a few days of errands and catching up, then our shelter in place order was put into place. And I was at home again. I began figuring out the isolation, ordering items no one had, masks, food, toilet paper. Because I’m a brain trauma survivor I’m in the higher risk category. My connection to the world became news briefings and looking out my windows. It was surreal, it is spring, beautiful, sunny and cool. And I stayed inside.

And so I stayed until our shelter in place ran out on April 30. Today is May 1, the next phase is beginning. It is still spring, but the early burst of bluebonnets is gone, and I’m still inside. I do have masks now and will begin a limited life, like everyone else, figuring it out as I go along.