October, leaves and thoughts

Good morning, it is an October Monday, I have coffee and hear the streets getting busy. October is the month my acquired brain injury occurred and changed my life, and those of people around me, forever. The darker, quiet mornings bring recall, sometimes wanted, sometimes not.

We just began a new federal fiscal year, and I’ve had many conversations about the future of pre-existing conditions in health care insurance. With the elections looming, it is a concern for many. The remembering my own event, as usual, ends up with me making a list of things to do, which is my way of dealing with what I can’t change.

I’ll continue my legislative work at the street level, working on the law and bill I’ve contributed to, as well looking at new efforts that need support. A goal of mine will be learning about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work on laws that protect and ensure resources for individuals. Being prepared helps me meet change the best I can.

The best you can is a great marker, because many survivors of brain injury and PTSD have a longer effort to accomplish things. Be okay with that. Other people can’t see your journey. Maybe more clearly said, trying is as important as accomplishing. Give yourself credit for that, and then keep building on that. As I will.