Comments and Feedback on My Speaking

Texas Division, Brain Injury Alliance
December 9, Annual Conference, poster presentation on outreach and advocacy of Texas HB 1338, 84R session, Naishtat
* Received the Tom Dean Humanitarian Award for outreach and advocacy in the field of recognizing and surviving brain trauma.
NASHIA conference, September 14, 2016, Columbus, Ohio
I received an email comment from a fellow Texas conference attendee, saying “people are stopping me to tell me how good your speech was.” I was in an airport on the way home and this completely made my day, knowing the topic was being heard!
The NASHIA conference organizers said “your topic was definitely well received.”

Office of Acquired Brain Injury

2016 Certificate of Appreciation for “tireless dedication and support”

Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council (TBIAC)

2015 Outstanding Achievement Award for Accomplishments in the Field of Brain Trauma

2016 Recognition for work in the field of brain trauma

Brain Injury Association – I had a great trip in June 2016, meeting Brain Injury Association folk in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. All three states were receptive and enthusiastic about the possibility of HB 1338’s training in their states.

Recognizing individuals with brain injury continues to gain traction across the country, but it still has a long ways to go. You’ll understand why when you listen to Cheryl’s harrowing story of a traffic stop gone wrong and how she turned her experience into a new law for the benefit of us all. With Cheryl’s relentless advocacy, Texas took a big step last year to further reduce the often hidden dangers of peace officers and first responders in misindentifying brain injury. A new law now on the books will require training for law enforcement and emergency personnel to strengthen their skills in recognizing brain injury. It is a riveting story of the power of one.

This is an important topic nationally as well as locally. Cheryl will put a human face on this issue. She is a true inspiration and someone who has made the best of a horrible situation and made the world a better place for others in doing so. You will want to go out in the world and make it a better place yourself after listening to this talk. And you will know more about how to help friends and family with cognitive or emotional issues following brain injury.

  • Cheryl sets an example for all of us – and hopefully the great changes and awareness she has brought to Texas can be spread to other states. This is SUCH an important topic; educating civil employees such as police, fire, EMT’s etc about brain injuries – is quite literally life saving. I have already begun to talk about this in Pennsylvania, inspired by Cheryl’s work.

    Cheryl Kempf’s grit & determination following her brain injury are an inspiration to all of us in the TBI community. It is not enough to suffer in silence, the default mode for many who feel beaten down & defeated. She is overcoming her disability daily & has decided to make not just “a difference” but by changing the law she is becoming a powerful Agent for Change.

    Glenn Sammis,  “Cheryl is a person of integrity and hard work.”

    Constance Miller, host of Blogtalk Radio program, the Empowerment Zone

    “The amazing Cheryl Kempf”…I guesthosted on Constance’s show seven times. Two that stand out as favorites are January 2015, speaking about the potential of this proposed law, and March 2015, after I testified to the House Committee.