You have reached this website because you are looking to know more about surviving and recovery.

My journey and story are more than fifteen years long and have held moments that I did not know how to get through – and those that give light to the strength and success that came from never giving up.

My own background is from acquired brain injury and the subsequent relearning of how to walk, eat, drive, live and play. It is also about learning that I can not do everything and how to do the best the things I can and not grieve the things I can not.

I began this journey in 1994 and only told that story for the first time in 2007 when I learned of fellow people who had gone through similar events. I first officially spoke of it in 2009 when my story helped bring to light the gaps many folks still experience while trying to get the care they need in surviving traumatic events.

These pages are for you, your family, caregiver and anyone wanting to know the things we found that worked, and the things we experienced that did not.

Please read about my own past, my speaking and consulting work with people, my resources and how to use those to reach who you need.

We all need help, sometimes.

Email us for answers, to post a question or comment, or suggest a new direction for our work. People are what often give us new information and the courage and companionship to bring them into our own lives.

We would love to hear from you! Thank you for joining us.