Cheryl’s Words – Blog

This is my blog, where I will write about what I do for surviving and recovery from brain trauma, and sometimes about living. My brain trauma has been part of my life now for 21 years. It affects everything I do and how long it takes me to accomplish what I set out for myself. As I worked my way along my journey, I have seen myself as a person with a disability, not a disabled person. To me that means I am whole, it’s just that part of me doesn’t work. But I am an individual with feelings and efforts that brought me a lot of compassion and understanding when I worked serving other people like me. Other people like me is the phrase many of my listeners have brought up, I understand what it is like to have this added step to my days. I hope these words will strike a chord, and that you will let me know what you go through or have found to help you succeed. Just click on the contact page and you will find me. Let me know how you are!