Monthly Archives: January 2021

A New Year

As 2021 begin, I’m hearing from people worn out by the uncertainty of 2020. In this early days of this new year, we have vaccines being given, a new administration in Washington, and outreach beginning for virtual conferences and meetings.

I look back at my own year more in emails than actual conversations to see the things I worked on. Part of that is organizing my brain trauma work by not just notes and efforts, but by the actual things in place.

On March 16. I’ll be speaking at Amy Zellmer’s virtual conference:

I’m looking forward to that. When I first started speaking, before the 2012 PTSD event, I talked about isolation being hard for any kind of disability. And the Covid distancing and lockdowns have brought that for many survivors, family members and caregivers. When I do my daily walk, I pass a neighbor’s house. And every day a caregiver steps outside to wave at me. We don’t know each other, my the situation in that house, nor her my history, but we are both people, contact, life.

I also continue my work with NASHIA, this next year I’m working on public policy and the State of the State conference planning.

There is hope in these days, until next time…