March 5, Congressional Briefing is successful!

The Congressional Briefing was so full we had standing room only. Representative Pascrell and Bacon both speaking to the widespread need for brain injury and trauma research and progress.

Representative Pascrell opened the briefing stating there was an ongoing need for research in brain injury treatment and knowledge. He led that into my background of being misidentified by law enforcement in 2012 that had led to Texas HB law 1338 in 2015. And now was the HR 6008 that was filed on February 27, 2020 to make this law federal:

Representative Bill Pascrell opening the March 4, 2020 Congressional Briefing on Brain Injury Day on the Hill with Cheryl Kempf’s story, Texas law, and HR 6008, introduced on February 27, 2020.

I followed that up speaking about shepherding the misidentification of my brain injury into the Texas law passed in 2015. That effort led to my speaking on this topic in an ever growing circle in several state and national conferences. That became my work on Capitol Hill every year, and resulting in HR 6008, sponsored by Representatives Pascrell and Bacon and filed on February 27, 2020.

Cheryl Kempf’s Congressional Briefing on HR 6008, Training for Law Enforcement and First Responder Recognition on Brain Injury and PTSD identification and responses.

The response was very positive, the overflow crowd very enthusiastic, with a partial standing ovation and many questions.

The evening reception was well attended, and Representative Pascrell recognized me in a callout moment or the tenacity of my work and being the catalyst for laws on both state and federal levels. We now have legislation existing or proposed to protect brain injury and PTSD survivors in every state.

I am the anyone and everyone that this could, and has, happened to. What we wish is for my bad night and many steps as the catalyst for these laws to help others.

It has been lonely at times on this journey, but I have not been alone. I do know the sense of isolation is daunting. Don’t give up! Please join us keep this education and advocacy moving forward. Thank you!

Thank you.