A November Sunday

It is Sunday, November 15, a candle burns and my coffee is strong as I am beginning a new step in my journey of brain trauma recovery and advocacy, the past two years have been like a toboggan ride, busy, fast and slow all at once, with a broadening of what I have to say and audiences to say it to.

I am framing the past work I have done into this bigger effort, it is the start, the basis for my work,. In 2012 it took on a much bigger meaning, it took me a year to gather myself and then two of research and talking to shepherd a needed change into a law protecting trauma survivors and broadening my own speaking realm from survivor to advocate.

With this website, I am widening my topics to speak and advocate for those who need a voice. Check back frequently, please, we are adding every day! And there is a resources page so you can add to what is known and useful, please send along your own experience, we will use it if we can. One thing I have learned, each brain trauma journey is different and the more we know, the more we help.

Thank you, and be blessed. Cheryl