Thanksgiving Eve

Hi, all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Last year we drove 10 hours to share it in Oklahoma with one of our daughters who was in her last semester of veterinary school. I can’t describe the heartbeat of that first moment of seeing her. I was thankful to get to spend it with her and some of her awesome friends.

This year I am thankful most for the people I have known. We have lot a few this year and even more have some health worries.

My speaking on brain trauma surviving has grown much this year, too, and I am grateful for the support and enthusiasm that has made that possible. I will talk about the new law I began shepherded on Friday, December 11. Around me are sticky notes of points I want to make, scribbled while the pies cool.

Happy Thanksgiving! This site is growing and changing, but always here for you, just look under the contact tab for how to reach me.